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Debunking Tree Care Myths

We know trees are good for our environment. They help keep the environment clean and also add to the aesthetic value. This is why we love to grow plants and in trees in our backyards and front yards, however there seem to be many myths surrounding trees.

While it is true that you need to take care of trees, since they are living things and need your proper attention; sadly, there seem to be several myths doing the rounds regarding tree care.

Today we take a look at these tree care myths, and bunk them.


Myth#1: Tree Topping is Healthy For a Tree

Topping is a commonly performed job as most people think it is healthy for a tree. Topping involves removing branches and leaves from the crown/top of a tree.

However, new research has proven that tree topping isn’t beneficial as it starves a tree to death.

When you top a tree, it is unable to feed itself and therefore its growth stops at once. Cutting the leaves reduces a tree’s potential to prepare food, causing it to eventually die. In addition to this, removing branches and leaves also causes the tree to lose its balance making it easy for strong wind to destroy it.


Myth#2: Trees Can Heal Themselves Like Humans Do

Unless you’re Harry Potter and have a magic potion, there is no way a tree can heal itself without any outside interference. While some small damages do heal on their own, major damages require the right conditions for a tree to grow and stay healthy.

For example, when you top a tree, you’re preparing it for a slow death. The tree is not going to heal itself. These wounds do not vanish with time, however, the tree manages to seal the wounds. This process isn’t only time taking but also leaves the tree vulnerable. During the process, it might get attacked by insects and get damaged even further.


Myth#3: Tree Staking Helps in The Long Run

A lot of gardeners believe that staking a tree makes it grow fast and healthy. While it does appear that way, the truth is that staking is not a long-term solution.

This is because when a trees is staked, its trunk movement is restricted. This results in the tree losing its upright posture and support. Additionally, staking also  slows down the root development, which causes the tree to weaken.


Myth#4: Excessive Mulching is Good for a Tree

When it comes to mulching, ‘the more the merrier’ doesn’t hold true. While mulching is indeed important for the life of your tree, excessive mulching can cause you several problems.

When you keep on mulching a tree’s base, it can result in two types of severe damages. One, it makes the roots grow up, eventually tying around the trunk, killing the tree. Second, excessive mulching creates too much moisture which may lead to tree rotting.


Myth#5: Fill Tree Cavities With Concrete to Provide Them Strength

Another misconception which leads to serious harm is the belief that filling a hole with concrete keeps a tree straight and healthy. It’s nothing like that. When heavy winds move the tree, the concrete part stays firm in its place, causing abrasion. This results in the tree falling sick and possibly requiring the tree removal.