08 Jul 2017

5 Planting Problems We All Face

Planting isn’t a child’s play because it requires time, dedication and hardwork. There are many things that can prevent you from enjoying a beautiful garden. Planting is not only about bowing the seed, it includes several things, mainly taking care of the seed and providing it with what it needs, mainly water, fertilizer etc.


07 Jul 2017

How to Prevent Your Plants From Dying

In order to grow plants and keep them healthy and alive, you need to be hardworking, dedicated and knowledgeable about plants.


There are many reasons why plant die, with poor care being the number one reason according to most arborists. Plants need to be pampered according to their needs which include proper watering, sunlight, and healthy soil. In addition to this, you need to make sure plants are not attacked by any outside force including insects and animals.


Many people complain about plants dying despite proper care. This is because we lack the knowledge on how to ensure a healthy life for the plants and what steps we should consider to prevent them from dying.


We sat down with an arborist to speak about the same. Here’s what you need to do keep your plants healthy and alive:


Protect Them From Heavy Rain

Heavy rains can destroy your plants. It is necessary to be cautious when it rains cats and dogs. You can have glass slabs supported by concrete or bricks to protect plants or you can also move them to a sheltered place in case they are tiny or potted.

As for larger plants, a shade is an effective way to keep them safe from heavy rains. One more thing that need to be taken into consideration is not to let your garden get waterlogged. Clean and clear out the water ASAP because standing water can be one of the reason for the death of your plants.


Know How Much To Water Them

Different plants have different water needs. Some might need to be watered frequently while some don’t. The right choice here is to get information on the type of plants you have and see how much water do they need. You can speak to an arborist to get details on this.

Other than this, when you water, make sure that the water reaches to the roots as well, because if not, the posture of the plant may be compromised.


Trim Frequently

Most of us neglect the fact that plants require cleaning too. By cleaning we mean trimming the damaged areas of the plants.

Trimming is essential because it keeps the plants safe from decaying and falling prey to different diseases. When you trim frequently, you dispose off decayed parts of the plant so that new healthy parts can grow in their place again. Although, keep in mind that it is ideal to trim plants when they are dormant because in that stage, they are more likely to heal faster if cut or wounded.



Mulching is a great way to protect your plants from severe sunlight and harmful organisms. Mulching involves covering the area around the soil to keep harmful organisms at bay such as weeds. They help to keep the soil cool and plants do not die due to the burning heat inside.


Keep them Safe From Animals

Garden animals love to eat plants when they are hungry. Animals like deer, rabbits, chipmunks, moles, mice and many others fall into this category. You can install chicken fences to keep the large animals and burrowing animals away. As for the tiny ones, you can cover your plants with a fabric and even use fertilizers to prevent them from being eaten.

06 Jul 2017

4 Unique Plants to Grow at Home

One of the most prominent and essential elements of a garden is plants. Mother nature has blessed us with a diverse variety of plants and flowers that can add beauty to our garden no matter what the season.

There are several exciting reasons to grow plants that are unique to make any place look healthy and well organized. In this article we are going to look at five plants that are unique and will add a different touch to your home.

We see roses, lilies everywhere, so there is a need to have something new and different.

Here four unique plants that anyone can choose to keep in their lawn:


  • Bonsai


Unlike other plants, bonsai doesn’t produce fruits, vegetables or medicine. It is basically a small tree that looks very good. The main purpose of growing a bonsai at home is to imply the discipline of the person who grew it.

Bonsais originated from China and are now available around the globe. Growing a bonsai is considered no less than art because growing a plant in a container isn’t as easy as it sounds and it needs frequent trimming and great care. Do not forget to repot it when it starts to grow in size.


  • Carnivore Plants


The growing requirements of these plants are a bit different from others. It doesn’t need a nutrient rich soil to grow, it grows in soil which has poor nutrients. As far as watering these plants go, avoid using tap water because water that contains minerals can over fertilize them.

The ideal choice is to use mineral free water such as rainwater, distilled water or the condensed water from the air conditioner. It requires the soil to be wet all the time, therefore, you need to have plenty of mineral free water.

Go to any tree care company and ask for a carnivore plant, they are available easily.

Coreopsis Verticillata

This beautiful plant blooms during late spring, typically from June to September. It is also referred to as Moonbeam because it has tinted yellow flowers that are very attractive, and unique threadlike leaves.  

The plant is very easy to maintain and care for and is strongly drought-tolerant and can also survive in different soil conditions. Coreopsis Verticillata is considered ideal for mass planting, however, do not forget to trim it within 2-3 a year if you wish to retain a brisk and healthy plant.


  • Tradescantia x Andersoniana


This plant has violet flowers with a contrasting shade and a unique blend of green leaves with blue shade. It is also called Concord Grape or Spiderwort, it typically blooms from June to mid September. The plant can be grown in moist, and well-drained soil under full sun or partial shade.


  • Norfolk Island Pine


This is an amazing plant to grow indoors as it requires an extra large pot with plenty of soil in it. The ideal conditions for this plant to grow is humidity and ample light. Light is an important factor because if it doesn’t receive enough light, the leaves start to turn brown and even fall off. So if you keep it indoors, make sure it gets enough light. According to most tree care experts, it is a perfect choice to grow at homes because it exceeds no more than 10 feet.

04 Jul 2017

Plant Trimming Tips For Beginners

Plants provide many health benefits to us such as keeping the atmosphere clean, circulating fresh air etc. However, you will not be able to enjoy these benefits if you do not take care of the plants including providing them with proper water and trimming them regularly.

Tree trimming is a process which ensures good shape, health, size and beauty of the plants.


What is Tree Trimming?

Tree trimming is when you cut down overgrown branches and shoots from plants. This also includes branches that have clustered closer to one another, or shoots that have bended and are about to fall down etc. Trimming and cutting off such damaged branches ensures the safety of not just the plants but also anyone close to it as such dead branches may fall down and cause injuries.


Plant Trimming Tips For Beginners

The first thing to note is which branches require trimming. Point out the branches which are falling or are about to fall. Next measure if they are under 5 cm in width. If yes, then they are safe to cut down but if they’re broader than that then you might not want to try trimming on it because it’s the work of professionals to trim off broader branches. The reason for that is simple. Wider branches require advanced tools which you most probably won’t have. Also, you need expertise to cut down the branch or else you might end up wounding the tree.


If you want to trim the plants by yourself then you need to look out for branches that are delicate and less broad. Shape of the branches also need to be looked upon as U-shaped branches are hard to cut and require expertise to do so.


The best time to trim a tree is when it is young because they are more spacious in that age and have comparatively lesser branches as compared to when they grow up.


Ideal Time To Trim

Plants are safer to trim when they enter a dormant stage. A dormant stage is one in which a plant is idle and it’s not growing any fruits or vegetables, therefore the healing process is much faster.


There’s always a possibility that you might end up inflicting a wound on the plant, however, if the plant is dormant it can focus all its power on healing itself because it has nothing to do in a dormant stage.


There are trees that bleed too when cut. These include maples, birches, yellow woods and elms. These are rich in sap and when cut, the sap overflows from the wound making it look like blood. Therefore, you need to take extra precaution while tree trimming or you can make the wiser decision of hiring professionals to do the job for you.



Tree trimming is an important process and ensures the wellbeing of plants and helps them live longer. When you trim your plants, you are disposing all the decayed matter away from your garden which is a good and a must thing to do.

03 Jul 2017

How Often Should You Grow New Plants

In this era where pollution and global warming are on the rise, many people turn towards hobbies like growing plants and maintaining them to not only keep themselves busy but also to improve their environments.

Growing new plants around your house can help you reduce stress while also increasing the value of your property. Moreover, it also helps decrease pollution by providing you with fresh air.


Growing plants is not an expensive hobby. A single plant seed costs around $2 and the rest are the ingredients which you mostly find in your home to ensure a good growth for your plants. You do not even need an arborist if you take proper care of the garden. While hiring an arborist will ensure good growth for your trees, there are tips available on the web that can help you grow and maintain your own garden.


Without further ado, here are a few reasons why you should grow new plants:


A Healthy Rich Environment

The primary advantage of plants is no secret to anyone. They promote good health. Having greenery around your property helps you relax and reduce your stress levels. Also, there is less noise and the air feels fresher than usual as these plants are involved in sucking the bad air and giving out air which is rich in oxygen. When you have a garden with many plants, you are less likely to fall sick and stay active.


Increase Property Value

According to United States Forest Authorities, plants can increase the value of your property as much as 10%. Besides this, they also play a vital role in enhancing the beauty of your space and even provide as a means of security making it difficult for burglars to break into your property. The trick is to plant trees in the right spot so that it could receive the right amount of sunlight and rainwater so that it could grow without any difficulty. However, you might have to turn to an arborist to take care of the plants once they grow into big trees as they will require trimming etc.


Provide You Fruits And Vegetables

You can enjoy the luxury of enjoying fresh vegetables and fruits when these plants grow up. It sure requires a considerate amount of care in the beginning such as watering it regularly, keeping weed away from it, keeping the area around it clean and also keeping animals at bay which can damage it. Gardening is a busy activity but it will let you save money by giving you access to organic and fresh vegetables and fruits.


Provide Shade

Trees can provide shade to you. They will give you a nice place to enjoy your evening snacks or just sit and relax.

Other than this, they can also prove to be beneficial in rainy seasons. The roots of the plants absorb water and in this way, standing rainwater can be absorbed easily and you do not need to clear out the water by yourself.



Planting new plants around your house provides many benefits. If you have space, then waste no time and turn to gardening today.

02 Jul 2017

Landscaping Ideas For Small Gardens

Small gardens sure are less spacious but that doesn’t mean that you can’t transform then into an amazing outdoor haven. There’s always a tons of things you could do make your small garden area stand out and compliment your house.


You can hire a tree company to grow trees in your garden. There are certain trees that are made for small gardens as they do not take a lot of space and can grow in all conditions. A good tree company will help you pick such trees.


Other than this, the trick lies in choosing the right materials which are durable as well as beautiful which includes your flooring, patio and the plants you decide to grow.


You can choose from a plethora of options to turn your small garden into a thing of beauty. Here’s what you need to do:


Vertical Landscaping

When having a wider landscaping isn’t possible, you can always turn to vertical landscaping. Height plays a vital role in creating an illusion for space so you can plant tall trees such as stoic perennials.

The trick lies in planting various sized trees outdoor so that it creates a visual element and makes it look interesting. However, you can also mix it up by grouping some shorter shrubs with the taller ones.


Add a Scheme Of Colors To Your Garden

Creating visual interest is what makes your small garden look elegant and cute. Adding bold colors fulfill that need. Just as you choose different colors for the interior of your home, you have to do the same for the outdoor.

You can visit a tree company and pick out plants and shrubs. Try to pick plants that mix well with each other so that your garden appears to house several types of plants.


Stepping Stones

Decorating your pathways with stepping stones rather than gravel or tiles is a good choice. Stepping stones do not only look attractive, they are also a good choice for people who are low on budget as they are extremely affordable.


Tiny Lamps Along the Driveway And Walkway

One of the most effective ways to illuminate your garden at night time is to install tiny glowing lamps along the driveway and walkway. This will serve as a sense of security and also keep the stepping stones visible so that no one trips over one and gets hurt.


Another alternative you can opt for is to place tiny lamps inside the bushes or shrubs in your garden. They make your garden glow at night and even reflect different beautiful colors of the shrubs across your garden.


Water Features

A small fountain complements your garden like nothing else. You can also decorate the surrounding of the fountain with small plants or stones. The sound of water is always soothing to the ears and adds value to your garden. However, this is an expensive option and requires a good amount of space, so consider calling professionals for an estimate.



Landscaping plays a vital role in making the outdoor space of your area beautiful and cozy. You can adopt these features explained above to enhance the beauty of garden.

01 Jul 2017

5 Things That Can Kill Your Garden

Plants are living things, and right any other living thing they can die too if they are not properly taken care of. According to reports, 1/3rd of the gardens die within few months of plantation due to poor tree care and other such problems.


What does it mean when we say ‘a garden dies’, it means the plants stop flowering, the trees begin to shed leaves, and there is no greenery. All this does not happen overnight, you will first see signs such as patches of grass disappearing, and then gradually your whole garden will lose its charm.


You need to keep certain things in check to ensure the safety of your garden. Taking out time regularly to tend to the plants and soil in your garden should be your number one priority. To keep your garden healthy, you need to learn what’s killing your garden in the first place.


Here are 5 things that can kill your garden:



Insects love plants. They are a source of nourishment for almost all kind of insects. They can turn your garden into a cemetery in no time if careful consideration is not taken.

Not only this, insects also make way for viruses and bacteria to attack the plants as they create tiny cuts and openings in the plants, through which bacteria and viruses can infect plants and even kill them.

Slugs and snails are quite common in the days of summer and you never know they might be destroying your blooms. Slug pellets come in handy during these situations as they keep snails and slug at harm’s way.



Animals such as deers, raccoons and various other large animals love green plants and often hop into your garden to make your plants their meal. Putting up a fence is a wise choice here as it helps to keep the away. This is the #1 tree care tip most tree care companies will give you to protect against larger animals.

However, there are some small animals too such as rabbits. They burrow the ground and make way to your plants and destroy them. To avoid this, you should dig your fence at least 3 – 4 inches in the ground as it will keep rabbits and other such animals from entering your garden and destroying it.



While your plants need water to grow, an overdose can have a very negative effect on the health of your plant. This is because you’re actually drowning your plants by overwatering them.

Plants need a specific amount of water, and an overdose can kill them. You need to speak to a tree care company to know how much water your plants need.



Bad weather can also ruin your garden. If you do not have a proper drainage system then heavy rains will eventually destroy all your plants. In summers, you need to face the threat that is posed by weeds. Weeds can destroy your soil and as a result of which, your plants could die. The solution to this problem is to mulch properly and also to provide shade to the trees, if needed.



These are some of the things that you need to take care of if you wish to keep your garden green and healthy.


01 Jul 2017

5 Landscaping Accessories to Enhance Your Garden

Landscaping is the process where you modify your outdoor space to make it look soothing and eye catching. It involves adding structures such as fountains, pavements, walkways, lights etc., while also correcting the overall look. You can work by adding colorful plants and shrubs in a creative fashion to make everything stand out. The best bet is to hire a tree services company as they know it the best.

A good landscape not only promotes a healthier environment but also increases your home’s worth.


Here are 5 landscape accessories to enhance your garden:


Complement With Furniture

No outdoor garden is complete without furniture. When it comes to gardens, you can place white furniture to enhance the beauty of your garden. White is a color that can blend in with any color especially where there are many colorful shrubs in your garden.

Positioning of the furniture also plays a vital role. You can place the furniture behind the paved area or in case you have a patio, the furniture fits in there. Add plants of various heights around the sitting area to obstruct the view.

Note: make sure you buy furniture that is specifically made for outdoors.



No garden looks complete without a pathway. You can choose to have a curved pathway rather than a straighter one as it looks more elegant.

Empty pathways look a bit left out and dull, you can place lights at the edge on opposite sides. This will not only improve the look but also make you feel safe when you step out at night.

Planting little shrubs of mixed colors also works with pathways. It leaves an impression of a maintained garden. Last but not the least, your pathway material also holds great importance. You may pick concrete, mosaic or tiles, based on your budget and personal choice.


Create Focal Points

It is vital to create focal points in your outdoor garden to have one proper catchy spot. Mirrors can be a good choice as they do not only help create illusions but can also make everything appear bigger and brighter. However, this isn’t a good option for all homes, especially if you have kids.

Ornaments and water features also create the wow aura in your garden if placed at the right spots. You can have urns or small statues placed near your patio or have a little fountain to serve as a center focal point in your garden if your budget allows.



Stones may be cheaper but they pack a bigger punch if used properly for decorative purposes. You can use stones to create unique patterns. These days even colorful stones are available at various tree services companies, you can pick them to get a unique look.


Don’t let art rest inside the walls of your home, bring out out in the open too. Hang green frames or plant wrapped fences around the boundaries to make it look alluring. You can also make a small wall shelf and group pots just beside your door on the shelf to have the ultimate wow factor.