One of the most prominent and essential elements of a garden is plants. Mother nature has blessed us with a diverse variety of plants and flowers that can add beauty to our garden no matter what the season.

There are several exciting reasons to grow plants that are unique to make any place look healthy and well organized. In this article we are going to look at five plants that are unique and will add a different touch to your home.

We see roses, lilies everywhere, so there is a need to have something new and different.

Here four unique plants that anyone can choose to keep in their lawn:


  • Bonsai


Unlike other plants, bonsai doesn’t produce fruits, vegetables or medicine. It is basically a small tree that looks very good. The main purpose of growing a bonsai at home is to imply the discipline of the person who grew it.

Bonsais originated from China and are now available around the globe. Growing a bonsai is considered no less than art because growing a plant in a container isn’t as easy as it sounds and it needs frequent trimming and great care. Do not forget to repot it when it starts to grow in size.


  • Carnivore Plants


The growing requirements of these plants are a bit different from others. It doesn’t need a nutrient rich soil to grow, it grows in soil which has poor nutrients. As far as watering these plants go, avoid using tap water because water that contains minerals can over fertilize them.

The ideal choice is to use mineral free water such as rainwater, distilled water or the condensed water from the air conditioner. It requires the soil to be wet all the time, therefore, you need to have plenty of mineral free water.

Go to any tree care company and ask for a carnivore plant, they are available easily.

Coreopsis Verticillata

This beautiful plant blooms during late spring, typically from June to September. It is also referred to as Moonbeam because it has tinted yellow flowers that are very attractive, and unique threadlike leaves.  

The plant is very easy to maintain and care for and is strongly drought-tolerant and can also survive in different soil conditions. Coreopsis Verticillata is considered ideal for mass planting, however, do not forget to trim it within 2-3 a year if you wish to retain a brisk and healthy plant.


  • Tradescantia x Andersoniana


This plant has violet flowers with a contrasting shade and a unique blend of green leaves with blue shade. It is also called Concord Grape or Spiderwort, it typically blooms from June to mid September. The plant can be grown in moist, and well-drained soil under full sun or partial shade.


  • Norfolk Island Pine


This is an amazing plant to grow indoors as it requires an extra large pot with plenty of soil in it. The ideal conditions for this plant to grow is humidity and ample light. Light is an important factor because if it doesn’t receive enough light, the leaves start to turn brown and even fall off. So if you keep it indoors, make sure it gets enough light. According to most tree care experts, it is a perfect choice to grow at homes because it exceeds no more than 10 feet.