Planting isn’t a child’s play because it requires time, dedication and hardwork. There are many things that can prevent you from enjoying a beautiful garden. Planting is not only about bowing the seed, it includes several things, mainly taking care of the seed and providing it with what it needs, mainly water, fertilizer etc.

A lot of people never see their plantation hard work give any results. This is due to some mistakes they commit, and we’re going to talk about such mistakes in this article.  


Without further ado, let’s have a look at 5 planting problems we face:


Poor Soil

Your plants won’t grow to be healthy if the soil conditions are poor. A good soil is one which contains adequate minerals and a good drainage system.

The roots of the plants require water, therefore, the water needs to penetrate into the soil and reach the roots. Your soil should also contain organic matter such as earthworms. They are said to help the soil get fertilized. Last but not the least, the Ph level of your soil must also be taken care of. The ideal Ph level of a soil is around 7 – 8.

A good tree care company can check out the health of your soil and also give you suggestions on the same.



Weeds hate your plants. It is a tiny, bulb like structure that grows on the soil in the presence of sunlight. Sunlight is the main cause of weed growing. These weeds tend to burn up the soil and make it too hot, to the point where some parts of the plants can no longer bear the heat and they die. You can use pesticides or the mulching method to keep weed from growing in your garden.

You can also turn to professional tree care companies for help.




When it comes to watering your plants, the more the merrier is a ‘no-no’. If you water your plants more than it needs, you will end up killing it.


Under Watering

Besides overwatering, underwatering is also an issue that needs to be set right in order for you to grow your plants in the right way. Plants need water to make their food, and if you do not provide them enough water, they’ll die due to their inability to make the food that they need.

Turn to a tree care company to know about the right amount of water for your plant as it depends on several factors.


Weather Problems

Bad weather can contribute to poor growth and health of your plant. There are some plants that require a heavy amount of sunlight while there are some which need less. This is why the placement is important, and only professionals can guide you in this regard.