Mulching is a procedure which allows the soil to hold more moisture. This helps in managing the tree’s temperature when it is not in its favor. Mulching also plays a vital role in keeping weed under control while also preventing fungus from occurring at the dead parts of the tree as well as the roots. All in all, mulching promotes a tree’s health. Any good tree company would suggest you to do it.


When it comes to mulching, it is not confined to one type. There are many types of mulching, each having a specific purpose. One should be knowledgeable about all the types of mulching to be able to pick the right one.


As someone who enjoys gardening as a hobby, we do not expect you to understand all about mulching. This is what a tree company is for. However, you should know the basics so that you can provide better care to your plants.


Without much ado, let’ have a look at different types of mulching techniques.


Organic Mulch

A mulch prepared from organic materials is called organic mulch. This type of mulch involves placing softwood bark, pine needles and wood chips. Organic mulch however, decays quickly as compared to inorganic mulch.

Despite the fact that it requires more care and maintenance than inorganic mulching, most of the arborists prefer organic mulch due to the fact that it brings benefits for the soil.


Inorganic Mulch

Lava rock, rubber and other fabrics are the materials used in inorganic mulching. This type of mulch does not decay soon. It fights against weed and prevents it from growing, however, water and oxygen is passable through this type of mulch.

It requires low maintenance and unlike organic mulch, does not provide the soil with anything. Mostly, such form of mulching is used to decorate the surrounding area around trees.


Rocks And Gravel Mulching

Rocks and Gravel are considered to fall under inorganic mulch, and are vastly used due to their low maintenance necessities. However, it comes with certain flaws, which are:


Firstly, rocks and Gravel mulching can be stressful. They are responsible for water loss as they absorb heat in daytime and give out heat at night. Secondly, they may take a lot of space and also be difficult to move due to the size, but they look good on the eyes if done properly.



The correct way to choose on a mulch type is to consider the type of tree, shrub you mean to plant. Different plants require and respond in a whole different manner to various sorts of mulch. What benefits one, may not turn out to be helpful for the other. Just like the right type of mulch can significantly profit your trees and plants, the wrong one can bring about severe damage.