In order to grow plants and keep them healthy and alive, you need to be hardworking, dedicated and knowledgeable about plants.


There are many reasons why plant die, with poor care being the number one reason according to most arborists. Plants need to be pampered according to their needs which include proper watering, sunlight, and healthy soil. In addition to this, you need to make sure plants are not attacked by any outside force including insects and animals.


Many people complain about plants dying despite proper care. This is because we lack the knowledge on how to ensure a healthy life for the plants and what steps we should consider to prevent them from dying.


We sat down with an arborist to speak about the same. Here’s what you need to do keep your plants healthy and alive:


Protect Them From Heavy Rain

Heavy rains can destroy your plants. It is necessary to be cautious when it rains cats and dogs. You can have glass slabs supported by concrete or bricks to protect plants or you can also move them to a sheltered place in case they are tiny or potted.

As for larger plants, a shade is an effective way to keep them safe from heavy rains. One more thing that need to be taken into consideration is not to let your garden get waterlogged. Clean and clear out the water ASAP because standing water can be one of the reason for the death of your plants.


Know How Much To Water Them

Different plants have different water needs. Some might need to be watered frequently while some don’t. The right choice here is to get information on the type of plants you have and see how much water do they need. You can speak to an arborist to get details on this.

Other than this, when you water, make sure that the water reaches to the roots as well, because if not, the posture of the plant may be compromised.


Trim Frequently

Most of us neglect the fact that plants require cleaning too. By cleaning we mean trimming the damaged areas of the plants.

Trimming is essential because it keeps the plants safe from decaying and falling prey to different diseases. When you trim frequently, you dispose off decayed parts of the plant so that new healthy parts can grow in their place again. Although, keep in mind that it is ideal to trim plants when they are dormant because in that stage, they are more likely to heal faster if cut or wounded.



Mulching is a great way to protect your plants from severe sunlight and harmful organisms. Mulching involves covering the area around the soil to keep harmful organisms at bay such as weeds. They help to keep the soil cool and plants do not die due to the burning heat inside.


Keep them Safe From Animals

Garden animals love to eat plants when they are hungry. Animals like deer, rabbits, chipmunks, moles, mice and many others fall into this category. You can install chicken fences to keep the large animals and burrowing animals away. As for the tiny ones, you can cover your plants with a fabric and even use fertilizers to prevent them from being eaten.