There are specific reasons why a person would need their trees to be cabled and braced. Installing cable and brace support systems allows trees that would otherwise not live longer have an increased chance of survival. By providing the proper structure to your trees, they can continue growing upright and strong without collapsing on itself.

However, not all trees need to be cabled and braced. In fact, in doing so, support systems can stunt a tree’s growth and prevent it from developing the right way. When you need cables and braces for your trees, you shouldn’t trust your trees to just anyone.

With an experienced approach and top quality tree care services, the team at The City Arborist offers the most reliable tree cabling and bracing than any other local company. Unlike other companies, we don’t only install cable supports because you’ve requested it; we completely analyze your trees first before doing so, determining if they can benefit from them before installing them. By giving you the service that you need, your trees look better and grow healthier afterward.

When homeowners cable their trees themselves, it’s often because they think trees “look” like they’re supposed to have them, but when trees shouldn’t be cabled, it can cause a slew of problems later on in their life. Let us help you the right way, preventing growth problems and other issues and leaving your trees looking their best.

New tree saplings may initially require cables because they need a little assistance in setting their form and stature. But they shouldn’t remain cabled for too long or else they won’t grow the way that they should.

More mature trees may also require bracing support systems after they’ve suffered substantial damage to their body. When their trunks are splitting, and there’s a chance they could completely fall apart, using braces can help keep them secure and growing for many years to come.

Many homeowners think that if their trees are splitting down the middle; the only option is to cut them down. However, it’s very likely that your trees can be saved, so long as they receive the bracing that they require. Our team knows the proper way to brace your trees, using industrial grade screws and secure cable systems to hold together branches, trunks, bark, and more.

When you choose us, you’re substantially increasing your trees’ chances of survival, no matter how badly they need support. For the best option in tree care services, just hire us for your home’s trees.