Lightning Protection


Obviously, trees are highly susceptible to lightning strikes. Tall, wooden, and usually clustered together, one bolt of lightning can devastate trees fast. Even though trees are physically rooted to the ground, they’re simply no match for Mother Nature’s fury. Sometimes you just need an expert team to reduce the damage your trees will take from storms.

Many homeowners simply hope for the best when they own trees and see a storm rolling in towards their home. And while they may never have experienced storm damage and lightning strikes before, it can only be a matter of time before they’re struck and what that happens, the damage can widespread and devastating.

The best way to prevent lightning attacks to your home’s trees is with professional lightning protection services. When you have The City Arborist install your home’s lightening preventative maintenance systems, you’ll give your trees a chance to survive even the heaviest storms.

Lightning protection doesn’t prevent lightning strikes from happening. Rather than trying to fight against one of nature’s most terrible powers, lightning protection systems redirects discharged electricity, preventing it from hitting with a concentrated blast. The effects of the strike are lessened, making the effects far milder than they usually are.

Many companies may offer lightning protection services, but low-quality tree care providers may not give you the level of protection your trees need to survive a lightning strike. Even after you’ve paid to have them protect your trees, they still wind up taking the brunt of the strike. As a result, they may wind up scorched, partially destroyed, or completely dead.

Tree lightning protection is one of the most powerful preventative maintenance options you could have for your home. When you assist your trees in surviving lightning damage, it protects your home from falling dead trees that can quickly cause a lot of harm to your property. By spending a little money now, you can avoid expensive repairs later on.

Some homeowners may scoff at the idea of installation a lightning protection system for their home. However, what escapes their notice is that in a blink of an eye, their home can be the victim of a fire, a felled tree, or even electrical damage. When you protect your trees from lightning hazards, you also protect your home and your family, keeping everyone safe the fast and affordable way.

When you need to give your trees the best chances of surviving lightning strikes, you need our team to help you. In virtually no time at all, you’ll have your professionally installed lightning protection installed for less than anyone else.