Tree Hazard Assessment

However, the most professional of tree care companies can provide your home and its trees a tree hazard assessment, finding potential problems before they occur. When you have an expert technician review your property, it can make all the difference in keeping your home and family safe from tree hazards.

The City Arborist has been preventing more problems than any other local tree care service provider. By choosing us, you’re getting an in-depth analysis for all of your trees on your property, finding items that can put them at risk, which can, in turn, put you and your family at risk.

Hazards can come in many different forms, attacking your trees from the outside and inside. From problems with tree roots to invasive pests, a lot can go wrong, and it usually happens with huge adverse effects.

Trees may be tough, but they are still only plants. While their bark may protect them, it usually isn’t enough from human-made hazards. Downed power lines, vehicle strikes, and toxic chemicals can cause rapid deterioration of a tree’s health.


Our team has an extensive checklist to run through many potential problems. When you need to know that your trees are safe, just give us a call. We’ll inspect all of your trees for possible problems with:

Cold Snaps and Winter Weather
Heavy Storm Damage
Grade Loss/Soil Erosion
Invasive Pests/Parasites
Nutrition Failure
Root Issues
And other problems

When you need to know your trees are in the best hands possible, we’re always the best choice for your needs.

Other companies wait until something goes wrong before they step in and do something about them. However, when it comes to trees and their issues, it doesn’t take much to do irreversible damage. Even the simplest problems can have long-lasting effects, and it doesn’t take long for trees to become sick and die.

When you have us assess your trees for hazards, we’ll find all the things that can lead to an early demise for them. Your trees will have a fighting chance against anything looking to harm them, allowing them to grow healthier for longer.