Plants are living things, and right any other living thing they can die too if they are not properly taken care of. According to reports, 1/3rd of the gardens die within few months of plantation due to poor tree care and other such problems.


What does it mean when we say ‘a garden dies’, it means the plants stop flowering, the trees begin to shed leaves, and there is no greenery. All this does not happen overnight, you will first see signs such as patches of grass disappearing, and then gradually your whole garden will lose its charm.


You need to keep certain things in check to ensure the safety of your garden. Taking out time regularly to tend to the plants and soil in your garden should be your number one priority. To keep your garden healthy, you need to learn what’s killing your garden in the first place.


Here are 5 things that can kill your garden:



Insects love plants. They are a source of nourishment for almost all kind of insects. They can turn your garden into a cemetery in no time if careful consideration is not taken.

Not only this, insects also make way for viruses and bacteria to attack the plants as they create tiny cuts and openings in the plants, through which bacteria and viruses can infect plants and even kill them.

Slugs and snails are quite common in the days of summer and you never know they might be destroying your blooms. Slug pellets come in handy during these situations as they keep snails and slug at harm’s way.



Animals such as deers, raccoons and various other large animals love green plants and often hop into your garden to make your plants their meal. Putting up a fence is a wise choice here as it helps to keep the away. This is the #1 tree care tip most tree care companies will give you to protect against larger animals.

However, there are some small animals too such as rabbits. They burrow the ground and make way to your plants and destroy them. To avoid this, you should dig your fence at least 3 – 4 inches in the ground as it will keep rabbits and other such animals from entering your garden and destroying it.



While your plants need water to grow, an overdose can have a very negative effect on the health of your plant. This is because you’re actually drowning your plants by overwatering them.

Plants need a specific amount of water, and an overdose can kill them. You need to speak to a tree care company to know how much water your plants need.



Bad weather can also ruin your garden. If you do not have a proper drainage system then heavy rains will eventually destroy all your plants. In summers, you need to face the threat that is posed by weeds. Weeds can destroy your soil and as a result of which, your plants could die. The solution to this problem is to mulch properly and also to provide shade to the trees, if needed.



These are some of the things that you need to take care of if you wish to keep your garden green and healthy.