Plants provide many health benefits to us such as keeping the atmosphere clean, circulating fresh air etc. However, you will not be able to enjoy these benefits if you do not take care of the plants including providing them with proper water and trimming them regularly.

Tree trimming is a process which ensures good shape, health, size and beauty of the plants.


What is Tree Trimming?

Tree trimming is when you cut down overgrown branches and shoots from plants. This also includes branches that have clustered closer to one another, or shoots that have bended and are about to fall down etc. Trimming and cutting off such damaged branches ensures the safety of not just the plants but also anyone close to it as such dead branches may fall down and cause injuries.


Plant Trimming Tips For Beginners

The first thing to note is which branches require trimming. Point out the branches which are falling or are about to fall. Next measure if they are under 5 cm in width. If yes, then they are safe to cut down but if they’re broader than that then you might not want to try trimming on it because it’s the work of professionals to trim off broader branches. The reason for that is simple. Wider branches require advanced tools which you most probably won’t have. Also, you need expertise to cut down the branch or else you might end up wounding the tree.


If you want to trim the plants by yourself then you need to look out for branches that are delicate and less broad. Shape of the branches also need to be looked upon as U-shaped branches are hard to cut and require expertise to do so.


The best time to trim a tree is when it is young because they are more spacious in that age and have comparatively lesser branches as compared to when they grow up.


Ideal Time To Trim

Plants are safer to trim when they enter a dormant stage. A dormant stage is one in which a plant is idle and it’s not growing any fruits or vegetables, therefore the healing process is much faster.


There’s always a possibility that you might end up inflicting a wound on the plant, however, if the plant is dormant it can focus all its power on healing itself because it has nothing to do in a dormant stage.


There are trees that bleed too when cut. These include maples, birches, yellow woods and elms. These are rich in sap and when cut, the sap overflows from the wound making it look like blood. Therefore, you need to take extra precaution while tree trimming or you can make the wiser decision of hiring professionals to do the job for you.



Tree trimming is an important process and ensures the wellbeing of plants and helps them live longer. When you trim your plants, you are disposing all the decayed matter away from your garden which is a good and a must thing to do.